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Admission Control

PLAY SAFE enables the Gauselmann Group to provide privacy-preserving, effective consumer protection in arcades, casinos, sports betting shops and the gastronomy sector. The admission control system was introduced in 2016 and has been consistently developed in the intervening period.


Youth protection solutions for the gastronomy sector

The Gauselmann Group’s portfolio includes two additional variants of PLAY SAFE for youth protection in the gastronomy sector: The document-based solution PLAY SAFE & Easy and PLAY SAFE & Easy Plus, which combines the Easy variant with the PLAY SAFE age estimator. Up to two gaming machines can be connected to these PLAY SAFE variants. To activate the machines for playing, the guests simply have to slide ID, e.g. a personal ID card, through the integrated card reader. If the guest is an adult, the selected machine is activated. Access to the machine is refused to minors. PLAY SAFE & Easy Plus also works with the PLAY SAFE youth protection module: a camera records the facial patterns of the guest and provides an estimated age based on this. If the guest is classified as over 25, he can play on the selected device without any further checks. If, on the other hand, the guest is classified as approximately 25, he will be required to verify his age by providing ID. All recorded data is deleted again immediately after the checks have been carried out.

Consumer protection in arcades, casinos and sports betting shops

PLAY SAFE uses a camera to record the facial patterns of all visitors while they are entering the arcades and it compares these in split-seconds with a local blacklist database of guests that are excluded from playing. The guest’s age is also estimated at the same time. Guests who have been barred or who are suspected of being underage are reliably filtered out and can be addressed directly by service staff or, if necessary, can have their credentials checked again manually. The facial patterns of people who are not barred are deleted again immediately once the check has been carried out. A traffic light system indicates to guests whether they may enter (green), must be checked again manually (amber) or are not permitted to enter (red). The PLAY SAFE admission control system for arcades is available in two variants: PLAY SAFE Standard is a counter solution that is suitable for smaller venues that have an entrance without a gate. The premium variant of PLAY SAFE allows several entrances with gates to be connected up. A fully-automated admission control system is therefore available that allows guests to be checked directly at the entrance and without staff. PLAY SAFE has been approved for operation on OASIS for casinos in Hesse and Rhineland Palatinate as well as for operation on OASIS in accordance with the State Treaty on Gambling (including sports betting shops).

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