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Playing belongs to life just like eating and drinking. Most people like it and enjoy it. More than 99% of all adults play completely carefree and without any problems.

However, there are cases when playing can become serious – when playing / gaming becomes the central focus of the individual’s life who loses control over their gaming behaviour in the long term. Harmless gaming can end here. It is assumed in Germany that the number of pathological players of the adult population lies between 0.2% and 0.56%. There are approx. 104,000 pathological players in Germany that participate in various prize games and games of chance and for about 31,000 of these, playing on gaming machines has become an additional problem. Germany lies at the lower end of the spectrum in European comparison.

Gaming can even become a serious burden for those who play more or bet more than they can or want to afford.

Make use of the free advice line from the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) at 01801 37 27 00 (local German rate) or one of the advice centres of the state institutions if your gaming behaviour is no longer under control.

You will find exciting and safe entertainment at our locations. You should feel at home as our guest. This should be the case in the future as well.

It has been self-evident for years for the Gauselmann entrepreneurial family - the serious and responsible manufacturer of gaming machines and arcade operator – to promote player protection meaures.

It is the main challenge for us to act in a transparent and responsible way in the sensitive amusement and gaming market with prize games.

Our concept therefore focuses on information and prevention. Our approach in doing so is to:

  • raise the awareness of executive management and employees concerning early detection and prevention.

  • inform using information brochures about the free and anonymous advice possibilities both locally and on the internet.

  • refer to the advice hotline of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) 01801 37 27 00 (local rate) via the pictograms on the AWP’s.

Furthermore, an absolute ban on alcohol has been in existence since 1985 in all the MERKUR-SPIELOTHEK arcades to guarantee that players maintain a ‘clear head’ when playing.

In addition to this, the amusement and gaming machine industry has agreed on bet and loss limits that play a decisive role in player protection. The average cost per hour to play on an AWP lies between only 5 to 15 euros in reality. According to a current report from the Fraunhofer Institute, average player expenditure is approx. 10.89 euros per hour.

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